I am experiencing  watching my 11 year old granddaughter spend a great deal of time on her smart phone.

This doesn’t seem to be unusual as we were picking her up from school the other day and I observed that over 60% of the kids exiting the school had their eyes glued on their phones.

One was so intent  that there was this temporary sign stuck in the grass by the sidewalk, the kind on a u shaped piece of wire, and she walked right over it, transfixed by what was on her screen at the expense of her immediate reality,

There a brahmacari in New Vrindaban who needs to write a computer coding project to finish the requirements for his college degree. I suggested he write an app for New Vrindaban and he has taken it up.

He can work on one for the Droid on a regular computer but needs an Apple to write for the iPhone.  WE have someone who will lend him a Mac for that but it needs  a power cable and a mini-display adapter to a monitor cable. Could anyone help us out with these things? Please let me know if you can.

This app isn’t just for kids, more it would be of assistance to anyone contemplating a visit to New Vrindaban or wanting to keep up with what is going on.  But we do want to be on those smart phones  when the tweens grow up a little and start looking for answers to the mysteries of life.