In a previous article I mentioned that ISKCON is an anomaly in the West.

It is Sunday morning and I am talking to my son Madhu who is a policeman in Georgia. Every other Sunday he goes to a mega church during the blowout. The church has a capacity of 3,000 people and they all leave at once, 5-600 cars.

His duty is he has a key to the stoplight box so he opens it up and manually operates the lights to maximize the efficiency of the traffic flow so it doesn’t gridlock the road and  the worshipers can get out of the parking lot timely.

I am sure no ISKCON temple in the US has a similar problem.  There are always problems in every circumstance, the nature of them just change. This is a problem of a successful religious organization.  ISKCON’s problems are different, being the anomaly in society that it is.