Last Spring I bought a climbing petunia, an old fashioned heritage type plant.  I put it on the end of a row of pea trellis and when the peas gave out the petunia overtook it.

It never did stop growing and this is a current picture of it. It has taken over two rows of trellis, the sweet peas that were on the trelis in the foreground of the picture are long gone.

It is plenty seedy looking now but still was pretty picturesque right into September and the few brave blooms this late into the autumn are precious in their own way.

During the summer it was pleasantly fragrant, not the throw it all over type but enough so when in the area you knew it was there.

I am not much of a photographer so always take a few pictures in case some don’t turn out. Here is a happy accident that made me think of Monet in a vague sort of way.