Yesterday my granddaughter had a close encounter with a rattlesnake but was saved by a dog which reminded my daughter of when her mother carjacked some tourists on their way to the Palace.

My daughter Vraja lives in Colorado.  Her husband’s grandmother owns a cabin in the mountains that the extended family all has access to. Vraja was there with her almost 8 year old daughter and two other families that also had some young girls for a total of 5 girls.

They wanted to go outside for a walk. Vraja was finishing something up and told them not to  go  by themselves and wait for her. They said they would wait by the car in the driveway which they did.

Suddenly there was a commotion and all the girls started screaming. Vraja heard “Rattlesnake!”  and immediately thought the worst. She also heard one of the girls yell “Sugar!” which was the name of the dog with the girls.

By the time Vraja got outside Sugar had rushed by the girls and attacked the rattlesnake and gotten bitten.  A neighbor happened to be passing by on an ATV and he drove over the snake and killed it.

It took an hour to get the dog to an emergency vet clinic but that was fast enough as they had called them so the staff was waiting with anti-venom serum and put the dog on an IV.  After an expensive few hours the dog was released with two weeks of medication and a good prognosis.

This reminded Vraja of an incident that happened when she was about 3 years old. Her mother Vidya was walking with her on the road just before you see the Palace.  She was late stage pregnant with Marken at the time.

What Vraja remembers was an animal being very aggressive and Vidya putting her up on her shoulders.

The full story as I remember Vidya telling me at the time was that a rabid fox came out on the road and started snarling at them. If she tried to move the fox would move closer to them. If she stood still it would get lost in its hallucinations, rolling its head and snapping at imaginary foes.

Being extremely pregnant and with a small child, Vidya felt she was unable to run fast enough to get away, given the short distance between them and the fox.  Her thought was to put Vraja on her shoulders so at least she wouldn’t get bitten.

In such a dilemma with a clear and present danger from a rabid fox but unable to move without it drawing closer, she tried to flag down a passing car but it didn’t stop.

The next car that came by was an elderly couple on their way for a tour of Prabhupada’s Palace. Vidya jumped in front of them so they either had to hit her or stop. Once they stopped Vidya quickly moved to the back door of the car, opened it, threw Vraja in and jumped in herself.

The couple was certainly startled but  grasped the situation and drove them to safety.

Circumstances aside, what Vidya effectively did was carjack them, hence my title, My Wife Is A Carjacker. :-) An example of a partial truth  giving an erroneous impression equivalent to a lie.

Once to safety she sent word to me and I came and dispatched the fox, burning the corpse so no raccoons would eat it and become infected themselves.

Seeing nocturnal animals during the day should always be cause for suspicion. If they are hallucination g and foaming at the mouth, all caution should be exercised. In 38 years of living in New Vrindaban I have only had a handful of incidents with rabid animals but it is a possibility and devotees need to be aware of the possibility.

Rabies can be transmitted by asymptomatic animals so any animal bite should be treated seriously and the animal tested.

Here was a case where Vidya was saved by her spiritual master,  because if the tourists weren’t on the way to visit his memorial, the Palace, the outcome could have been bad.