By serendipity (which is to say it wasn’t sent to me directly so the sender didn’t know I would get it so it wasn’t a followup to my previous mention of bluegrass kirtan) the following email arrived in my Inbox today:




 Krishna and Ram 5:59
Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram.The words mean: Victory to God, Praise God Who preserves and sustains us. In the Hindu tradition, Ram and Krishna are incarnations of Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. Sandy Boys is a traditional old-time fiddle and banjo tune from the Appalachian Mountains.

Jim Beckwith, vocals, harmony vocals; Jon Seskevich, AC Bushnell, John Moore, vocals; AC Bushnell, fiddle; Bobb Head, banjo; Robbie Link, bass; Bill Parsons, guitar.

6. Money and Sri Ram in Both Pockets 5:01
Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Victory to God, Blessed God

Not a well known tune, Money in Both Pockets was first recorded by Charlie Bowman and his brother in the 1920’s.

AC Bushnell, lead vocal; Jon Seskevich, Mark Smith, Tim Wells, vocals; AC Bushnell, fiddle; Bobb Head, bass; Alan Julich, banjo; Mark Weems, guitar.

7. Buddha’s Square Dance 5:17
Muni Muni Mahamuni Sakya Muniye Swaha
Muni Muni Mahamuni Sakya Muniye
Gate Gate Paragate Bodhi Swaha.

This chant refers to Lord Buddha:
Silent One, Great Silent one of the Shakya clan,
Gone, Gone Beyond, Hail the Enlightened One. So be it!

When asked the question, “Are you God?” Buddha is said to have answered “No.” “Well, who then are you?” “Awake!” was his answer. This chant inspires us to awaken. The traditional tune Seneca Square Dance was originally recorded by Fiddlin’ Sam Long of the Ozarks in 1925. The music and these words form a beautiful new creation.

Jim Beckwith, lead vocal; AC Bushnell, Marilyn Grubbs, Betsy Bickel, Jon Seskevich, John Moore, vocals; AC Bushnell, fiddle; Bobb Head, banjo; Robbie Link, bass; Bill Parsons, guitar.

9. Walking with Krishna 3:47
Govinda Jai Jai, Gopala Jai Jai Radha Ramanahari, Govinda Jai Jai

Govinda is another name of Krishna. This chant is a love song celebrating the union of Krishna and his consort Radha. It reflects the joy of both lover and beloved of God. Walking Georgia Row is a rarely heard, beautiful fiddle tune.

11. Jimmy Johnson Gopala 3:35
Gopala Gopala Devakinandana Gopala. Devakinandana Gopla

Gopala is baby Krishna. Krishna’s mother is Devaki. Ananda is the word for bliss. This chant is about the bliss of the mother that comes from the unconditional love for her baby. This was the first BlueGrass Kirtan track we recorded. It is from the traditional Appalachian tune Jimmy Johnson.

Jon Seskevich lead vocal; AC Bushnell, harmony vocal; AC Bushnell, fiddle; Bobb Head, banjo; Alan Julich, bass; Mark Weems, guitar.