Vidya is in her craft selling season with shows every weekend until the beginning of October.  He just finished three weekends at Shaker Woods Festival near Columbiana,  OH, just south of Youngstown.

She gets a discount off her show fee if she teaches a couple of kids classes plus she gets to keep the class fee which is modest and mainly covers materials cost for the craft project the kids do in the class.

While she was doing her class a video crew came around doing a promotional video for the show so she got another increment on her 15 minutes of fame.

If you pause the video at 1:08 look in the background and you will see a squared off looking grey facade of a booth. That is hers.  Tulasi and Marken, our youngest sons, are here and they  actually worked the show, though you won’t see them in the video. The festival is on private land so the booths are permanent and you have to buy one to get into the show, so we actually own it.

Vidya’s cameo is from 1:19 to 1:44.

Here is the video:

FYI, while getting the link for Shaker Woods I notice that this video is right on the first page with Vidya as the featured photo on it.

This weekend and for the next couple after this they will be at Yankee Peddler so stop by and check them out if you are in the Canton, OH area.  Her booth is in The Glen and shes sells gourds crafted into various animals, bird  houses, mushrooms, Halloween decorations etc.