This is a story about old Rama das and old Tulasi das, two members of an ISKCON forum, who were always at odds with each other. They were constantly at each other’s throat on issues concerning ISKCON. When one of them said “yea,” you could be assured that the other would say “nay.”

So, one day old Rama das dies and arrives at the court of Yamaraja. He notices how Yamaraja asks everyone a question before they proceed. When it was his turn, Yamaraja said: “Hi, Rama das, to see if you qualify for Vaikuntha, I need to ask you to spell Krishna for me.”

“That’s easy,” says Rama das, and goes: “K-r-i-s-h-n-a.”

Yamaraja said: “Great; you’re in, but could you do me a small favor and take over here for a while? I just need to check on something. I’ll be back.”

Rama das didn’t mind doing some service, and asked everyone in line to spell Krishna. Just then, old Tulasi das was coming through the line. “What are you doing here?” asked old Tulasi das.

Said Rama das; “Oh, I am just filling in for Yamaraja, asking everybody to spell a word before they can pass through.”

“Oh yeah, what’s the word?” asked Tulasi das.

After thinking for a moment, Rama das said: “Spell Bodhipakkhiyadhamma!”