As chronological readers will have noted, I have been on a forgiveness kick lately.  I have delved into the topic in the past as well so I have made a page with all the links to the various articles on forgiveness in one place.  Here is a link to it. It can also be found by going directly to my blog and clicking on Forgiveness in the header.

There will be the recent postings plus some from the past, including one that gets a few referrals from search engines every day, Forgiveness Is Giving Up Hope For A better Past.

Some may have surmised correctly that this slew of postings has to do with what seems to be the imminent departure from this mortal coil of Kirtanananda Swami, someone I had a familial type relationship with for 20 years and who delivered me to Srila Prabhupada, something I will be eternally grateful for, regardless of what his actions were after he suffered brain damage in a brutal attack in 1985.

He has one collapsed lung and mucous in the other, with a tracheotomy so he can breath.At one point it was said he had only 48 hours to live, but here we are a week later, he has regained consciousness and can respond with nods to questions.  He was always extremely tough for a little guy suffering from post polio syndrome so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

I am basically preaching to myself with all this forgiveness stuff. Not only for Kirtanananda but for every perceived offense or slight I still hold on to and can’t move past. Hopefully these posts  may serve others as well. Hopefully I will get some forgiveness myself.