“Entrepreneurs are looking to urban farms and rooftop gardens as an alternative to traditional farms. While start-up costs are higher, these efforts could pay off with long-term environmental benefits and better tasting veggies.”

So this is a video on the Wall Street Journal that I have been beating my head against the wall trying to post on this blog.  I hit the Popup player and tried both the Link and Embed code, both directly into the post and also through the Add Video but nothing worked so you will have to go through the link below to see it.

(If anyone familiar with WordPress can figure out how to get this into a post, please let me know how)

Wall Street Journal’s ‘s Monika Vosough reports.

I did use the Share feature to post it directly to this blog’s Facebook page and that worked fine, which was the first time I had ever attempted that.  It will show up double posted there because it takes the automatic feed from the bog, plus I posted it  using the Share feature  from the original WSJ  story itself. Which FYI this blog also has the Share feature so any post you see here can easily be shared other places, should you so desire.

So one failure, one success, about par for the course in the material world.