Then spangling dark night’s velvet cloak,
in time and place divinely meant,
stood stars in silent lines that spoke
how here is love incarnate sent.

Marking the all-auspicious hour
that for an age shall yet be marked,
predicting that the purest power
has here with us to earth embarked.

Speak, mystic seer of the skies,
that we the wretched joyful be,
how one free from all hate and lies
has come to lead humanity.

And all you gods, let cry with might,
that all the worlds may wakened be,
to gaze with wonder on the sight
of man’s departing misery.

Today forgiveness does descend
to walk among us: Gurudeva.
The thralldom of transgression ends
in freedom that you freely gave.

Until this day shall be proclaimed
in every quarter of the earth,
and every man shall know your name,
we yet shall take repeated birth.

The legend of a long lost land
made real today, as you have shown
how they who take your outstretched hand
shall find it, our forgotten home.

O Prabhupada, we can but pray
that you might throw your sidelong glance
on us, and thus, by grace we may
enter the everlasting dance.