Monday morning I left for town early to get my monthly blood test done.  I had an appointment with my endocrinologist at 9:30 and if I got my blood draw finished by 7:30 I knew the results would be ready by then and she would be able to have fresh results to evaluate.  I could also get a copy of the results without having to go back to the hospital to get them as I normally would have done. Word to those whose diseases still remain in the future:  get copies of all your test results and keep records personally because in the industrial medical system we live under in the US the only continuity of care is yourself.

I then had a couple of hours so I ran some errands, including a visit to the Ohio County Extension office to drop off a sample of an exotic invasive  weed name unknown to me that nobody I knew could identify.  More about that later.

None of which has anything to do with the title of this post other than establishing that I wasn’t at home at the time and my two sons who are here helping Vidya with production and sales during her show season (she crafts gourds for sale) weren’t awake yet.

She was sitting in the living room and heard an ominous noise, then felt a strong presence enter the room and an ethereal figure stopped behind her before moving through.  The presence had a family feel to it, strong enough so that she felt concern for her sons and went into their room to make sure they were okay, which they were.

When I came home later in the day and checked my email I shared with her information that Kirtanananda may be on his deathbed and she immediately recognized that the presence she had felt was him. For twenty years we lived in a situation where he was a strong father like figure to us so later estrangement and having no association with him for over 15 years aside he is still family.

If he were in a coma and his soul free to wander, it isn’t surprising that he would visit New Vrindavan, the project he performed a lot of austerity for over thirty years.

Kirtanananda had had a tumor removed from his neck which did work but he is 74 and has always suffered from poor health, having a lifelong struggle first with polio and later with post polio syndrome. He had some complications from the surgery and was unconscious for ten days, but had woken up.

Monday’s email said

Dear Prabhuji’s & Mataji’s

It’s been long that I have updated you all on our beloved master’s health, which seems not too good at this point of time because of his bodily weakness.

After his wonderful recovery, four days ago,  they were supposed to bring him out of I C U. But the very next day his lungs were full of mucus & phlegm.

Since he has not much bodily strength, he is not able to cough up all that gets collected there. So the doctors will be doing a tracheotomy tomorrow.

For the time being this is what we have on SB’s health updates. Y S Rdd

Latest  email:

Haribol and please accept my obeisances, and all glories to Srila Bhaktipada (sic) and Srila Prabhupada.  Good to hear from you.  I am attaching a picture and see if this one is okay.   Bhaktipada is a little better, but not much.  He had a tracheotomy yesterday putting a breathing tube in place, but he is still in intensive care.  Please thank everyone for their prayers and kirtans for Srila Bhaktipada.   yours as always, RVC Swami