Prabhupada: I have seen. I have studied this cricket (cricket sounds in room), that come for… Two of, the male and female.

Room Conversation — February 25, 1977, Mayapura

This time of year we get to enjoy the symphony of crickets, cicadas and katydids.  There must be different species because there is a great variety of sounds.

There is a wall of ambient sounds and then multiple individuals who can be discerned close by.  Some are almost painfully beautiful to hear. There is another  that sounds like my telephone ringing that I can hear sometimes during the day.

The speed of their songs are reflective of the ambient temperature in some crickets.

For those trapped in urban environments and bereft of crickets, here is a video  where they overlay regular cricket songs with cricket songs that have been slowed down. This is true undoctored sound other than the speed reduction.