Feet:  Something is wrong.

Brain:  Not really, we are at a festival in the temple, great place to be.

Feet: No we are not, this is not the temple.

Brain:  What do you mean? Of course this is the temple — I can see Radha Vrindaban Candra standing on the altar.

Feet: You are hallucinating or something, I know for a fact this is not the temple. The Maya witch must have confused you and taken you to a different place.

Brain: I doubt that. I drove my car up the same ridge road I have driven thousands if not more than ten thousand  times over the last 4 decades. I saw the same scenery and it took the normal amount of time. This looks like the temple, smells like the temple, sounds like the temple.

Feet: It doesn’t feel like the temple.  The temple has a wooden parquet floor and this is not a parquet floor. It is way too smooth.

Since this temple opened in 1983, we have danced here so many times, sometimes three times a day, sometimes for hours at a time during big festivals.  At one step a second, that is more than a thousand impressions per arotik.  That could have been a thousand arotiks some years which means in a good year we touched this floor over a million times so over 28 years possibly  in excess of 10 million impressions.

So I know what the temple floor feels like and this isn’t the temple room floor.  We need to get out of here.

Brain:  LOL. So that is the cause for concern?  The limited evidence of your sensory experience?  Don’t worry, it is ok, you really are in the temple. It is the first  Pushpanjali Festival ever held here — you have never been to one of those before.

If you could see you would know there are two devotees on the altar showering Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Candra with flower petals, most of them picked in New Vrindaban itself.

There are also some pujaris picking up the flowers and tossing them continuously in the air so it looks like a fountain of petals in front of the Them.

Later the pujaris will gather up the petals from the altar and take them to the third floor of the temple where sections of the stained glass vaulted ceiling have been removed.  They will shower them on the assembled devotees from there.

As the petals fall many will not be caught by the devotees and will land on the floor. As devotees walk and dance around, the petals will be crushed so they put down rolls of paper on the floor to make cleanup easier.

Feet: There is paper on the floor?

Brain: Yes, that is why you aren’t feeling the wood floor you are so familiar with, but don’t worry, it is still there under the paper.

Feet: Whew, thanks for that, you have relieved my anxiety. My direct experience wasn’t jelling with what you were sending out as the current situation. Now I know why.

Brain:  Get ready to roll though, because once those petals hit the floor, devotees are going to gather them up and start throwing them at each other so we do need to be mobile and efficient in insertion and extraction for flower petal throwing opportunities.

Feet: Roger that. I have re-calibrated the parameters of what moves need to be limited due to the lessened traction of the smoother surface but still have an ample amount of options  so dancing and/or flower petal tossing will be no problem. Proceed as desired.

Brain: Thanks for your cooperation.  Interestingly, though for you this was a bit of a disconcerting experience, for this kid this is the way it has always been and she isn’t missing a beat.

It is good to retain that childlike sense of wonder, and try to see Krishna in every moment, freed from the bonds of expectation and attachment.

(Editor’s note: Check out more Pushpanjali photos here.  This was a fun festival and I predict it will grow into the biggest festival in NV within 10 years.)