The goal each year is to have ripe tomatoes by the Fourth of July.  We missed this year, not getting our first ripe one until about the 11th.  We were then getting some to eat each day.  It was another week before I could say we had more than we could eat but we are well into that now.

As I was out picking tomatoes I found the nest of a song sparrow in the Red Fig tomatoes.

You can’t really see the fig shape of the tomatoes in this photo but that wasn’t what I was going for, it was the baby birds. Here two had hatched and two more to go and as of today all 4 are hatched out.

Because we have electric fence up which keeps out feral cats and raccoons, these little babies have a much better than average chance to grow up instead of becoming a tasty mouthful for a predator. FYI, a feral cat can kill 100-200 songbirds a year, so the next time you hear of someone wanting to dump a cat out in the country side, please convince them to take it to the pound.

When I approach the nest the mother slips off though the tomato foliage and hides in the asparagus ferns.  On occasion the male does land on the nearby pea trellis and make some tentative warning sounds but lacks the aggressiveness of a mockingbird and lets things unfold without interference.  Which makes picking tomatoes more pleasant.