They are going to be fracking a Marcellus gas well on a neighbor’s property in a few days.  This takes millions of gallons of water.  They wanted to run a  pipeline to pump it in from a city water hydrant about a half mile from us and requested a right of way across our land. As it was the pipeline or hundreds of trucks streaming by on the road, we agreed to it.

It is a flexible black pipe that comes in 1000′ (304 m) lengths.  They didn’t have to cut any trees on our property and only a few on others as they just go around the trees as much as they can. They pulled them out with a rubber tread skidster.

As they were going around the corner so the operator couldn’t see me I jumped up on it and tried to stay on. The first two attempts I fell off but the third try I managed to stay on and fantasized I was surfing the back of a gigantic black snake.  Not quite up to Krishna dancing in the heads of Kaliya but fun for an old guy clinging to the illusion he isn’t aging.

Reminded me of when I lived in New York City for a while. We would ride the 7 train from Queens into Manhattan and just before it crosses under the river there is an S curve on the elevated line and if it wasn’t too crowded I would always try to ride that section without holding on to the handrails or posts and see if I could do it.

Actually I could always make it but the challenge was to do it smooth, absorbing not only the curve but the bumps and jolts the train car would give me.

Here is a picture of the trencher they will use to bury the pipeline.

If you wanted to buy me of those for Christmas I would take it. Though the rubber tread skidster would be much more useful, so either one. :-)