While those limited to the provincialism of country music and rock and all its variations  may not have heard of her, Jackie Evancho is taking the opera and classical music world by soft storm.

Here is Jackie singing my favorite song, Schubert’s Ave Maria.  Try to imagine how great it would sound in a higher quality reproduction.

Although only 11 she sings with a depth of emotion of a mature adult.  She is billed as the voice of an angel. When I first heard her sing I thought she had to be lip syncing because that sound couldn’t be coming out of that little girl.

Though extremely talented and well coached, that alone doesn’t explain it.  In her own words, she says “When I start to sing I get overwhelmed by a powerful force and I feel comfortable and happy. ” Now to me that sounds like a soul that has been here before and bringing its emotional memories to the moment, memories from a lifetime, not limited to 11 years this time around.

Check out highlights of  the concert she did for PBS. Hint, unless you have a heart of stone, bring Kleenex.

BTW, if someone wanted to send me a copy of her CD, I would accept it.