Every week people coming to New Vrindaban rely solely on GPS for directions and get lost.

Friday before the 24 Hour Kirtan ambulances came onto the ridge and turned around at the temple and left. They had gotten a call from some pilgrims on their way to New Vrindaban who told them they were near NV after having some heart issues and driving off the road.

Turns out they were near Dallas, West Virgina instead and had gotten there following the instructions on the GPS.

Please tell anyone who asks for directions to NV to NOT rely on their GPS — it will be wrong. Even if it gets you here it can send you down back roads instead of the main roads because it looks shorter to the GPS. Shorter isn’t necessarily quicker in West Virginia.

Tell them to follow the directions on the website.


Those will get them here the best way.

This is a generic problem in areas like West Virginia that aren’t laid out on a grid. Vidya brought me the attached  picture. It was taken at a private lane near Oglebay Park, a large tourist destination on the north side of Wheeling.

So it isn’t only NV. :-)