In this video the speaker explains how Krishna’s Rasa Lila can be viewed as an organizational model.

Thanks to Chaitanya Mangala for the link and transcription

Question starts at 3:00 minutes:

Menaka Doshi’s Question:

Is there the embodiment of an ideal organization anywhere in [Indian] mythology? Does mythology talk about the perfect organization, the perfect business, the perfect enterprise?

Devdutt Pattanaik’s Answer:

Yes it does. First let’s ask, why does an organization exist? An organization exists because we can’t cope with the forest, the wild nature. Wild nature frightens us. We want to feel safe and secure and therefore we create an organization. The problem with organizations is that they end up domesticating people. We don’t like domestication because we want to be ourselves.  We are born free and we want to live free lives. We are trying to negotiate the path between the forest and the organization. Between being wild and being domestic.

To me, the best representation of this is Krishna’s Rasa Lila. What is Rasa Lila? Rasa Lila is a dance. It is a dance which takes place in the forest.  The forest is a place of fear.  It takes place at night.  It takes place outside the village, which means it is outside the organization.  So, there is no formal organization out there and yet everyone who is participating in the Rasa Lila is completely unafraid.  There is no fear.

They are dancing and having a good time and yet there is perfect organization. They form a circle, which means there is an organization there.  They are all circled because they are equidistant from the leader, who treats them equally, yet each one feels special. That is Krishna in the center and these are the Gopis dancing around Him. In this wild forest they are not afraid at all and there is no reason for them to be there. They are not bound by custom, law, systems, processes or obligations. They are they by their own free will and yet complying and creating this perfect circle. Nobody is coming in to disturb the circle. In fact, if one does that Krishna disappears. The fear returns.

What I’m asking is if the forest is like the market place can my leader be like Krishna? A person who gives me complete freedom to do what I want yet I voluntarily align with the system. It means I come on time and go on time and do 100% work not because I’m obliged by a contract but because of devotion with passion, with Bhakti. That’s the goal of our philosophy; to do it with integrity and devotion not because a law tells me to do so. Can we achieve that? Well that’s the promised land of India.