I use WordPress.com for my blog because it is fast, easy and free.  Plus they are always updating it.

The feed of my blog to its Fan page on Face Book stopped working. I tried a fix that had worked in the past but not this time.

Going to the Feed Validator provided by Facebook my blog feed was valid but it showed some problems in the CSS coding for the theme I am using.  This was out of my league so I forwarded that info to WordPress help and they responded thusly:

“If you want to use it at your Facebook Fanpage, I recommend this Facebook Application: https://www.facebook.com/RSS.Graffiti

“Feel free to take a look at our Publicize feature: http://en.support.wordpress.com/publicize/

The Publicize feature is on the WordPress side where you can set it up in a minute  or so that anything you post on your blog automatically appears on your Facebook page or any number of other places, Twitter included. It seemed to only work on personal page, I couldn’t figure out how to make it post to a Fan page.

The RSS Graffiti is  a Facebook App (or plugin as they would call it if you installed WordPress on your own server). It was another simple install that takes post from your blog or any other blog and posts it on your Fan page Wall automatically.  It may work for personal pages but I didn’t try it there.

It didn’t update immediately upon installation but I waited for a while and sure enough it works.

The default Import Blog feature on a Fan page only allows one blog, your own. RSS Graffiti appears to give you the option to do more than one blog.