It is difficult to be an atheist when you garden, as it is so abundantly clear we are dependent on a higher power.

April was rain every day except for 6, only once did we get two days in a row with no rain.  That was so much fun April decided to stay and here we are the 20th of May on the calender but still having April temperatures and the same old same old rain rain rain.

This has been good for some plants like the Lilies of the Vally

but not so hot for the rest of the garden.

Remember my pea seedlings?  I planted 3 varieties — a main season shelling pea, an early type, and a snapping type where you eat the whole pod. Caselode, the main season pea, germinated pretty well as did the fava beans seen behind the pea trellising.

In the foreground you  can see the 5-10% germination I got from the snapping pea and Sugar Sprint the early pea, whose blossoms can be seen on the few that made it. At first I thought maybe the Caselode was treated, as there are chemical treatments to prevent seed rot and I thought maybe I was careless in my ordering and got the chemical but I checked and none of them were.  It was a learning experience that Caselode is just better able to endure cold wet soil.

I reseeded the other peas but who knows it might get hot early next and they won’t get much of a season. Peas like cool weather, assuming it isn’t too wet, and poop out when it gets hot.

My sweet peas rotted and I had to reorder the seed and will be replanting them today.  Sweet peas make a nice fragrant cutting flower.

Things I would have normally planted in April I didn’t get in until about the 10th of May because I couldn’t get any ground worked up.

I planted parsnips, carrots, beets and kohlrabi. Between the slow growing parsnips and carrots I inter-planted coriander, lettuce, spinach, red radishes and white radishes which are all up except for the coriander which either rotted or was dead seed, so I got fresh seed and replanted that.

The spinach that was overwintered in the cold frame is almost finished, mostly bolted as is the coriander that wintered over with it. Normally the spring planted crops would be coming in when that happens but there will probably be a gap due to the delay in planting. The lettuce is still holding so we might have some continuity there, and we will probably extend the asparagus harvest for an extra week or two to fill the gap.

My early tomatoes out grew their cloches (see them in the foreground, buds forming) so I have removed them and used them on basil and peppers which I put out yesterday.  I also used hot caps made from milk jugs. The rest of the tomatoes were planted  out in the open and not doing badly considering the cool temperatures.

I had worried about the strawberries not getting pollinated but that turned out to not be a problem.

Should have ripe berries by the 1st of June. With  early, middle and late season varieties we should have them for a month or two, won’t that be heaven, real strawberries not those faux tasteless imitators found in the stores.

I have also planted some beans and edamame which might rot but worth the chance, gambling the cost of the seed  against the hope it warms up. I always plant some beans early and about one out of three years actually get some early beans that way.  Of course, this year the early risky planting came by about the normal planting time if I was simply going by the calendar instead of the actual conditions, which is basically we are still in April, hopefully May arrives soon.