I have not been posting not for lack of topics. The garden is ongoing and full of news, and the Festival of Inspiration was a wealth of bloggable occurrences. I hope to get to some of that later.

Here is a quick post, a list of search terms that brought visitors to my blog yesterday.


brain cell images 7
tomato horn worms 4
snakes moving picture 2
tornado clouds 2
life in an indian village for kids 2
invisible man of china 2
magnetized gourd 2
walnuts 2
de twin towers 2
brain cell universe 2
bear eating 2
my father and the fig tree analysis 2
richard eberhart the groundhog 1
universe vs brain cell 1
planes crashing into twin towers 1
plane crashing into twin towers 1
affirmation donald hall 1
once upon a time there was a little red hen.she lived in a big farmyard 1
richard eberhart’s groundhog 1
the burning truck by les murray biblical 1
view of modern indian village 1
tupac god 1
the twin towers plane crashing into tower 1
thatched roof, india 1
iron attracted to magnet 1
affirmation donald hall analysis 1
burdizzo 1
1990 toyota corolla mpg 1
3d graffiti artists street painting 1
tupacs poem god 1
cold spring by lawrence raab 1
walnut tree 1
my father and the fig tree naomi shihab nye 1
can you find the baby tree 1
forgiveness is giving up the possibility of a better past 1
3d graffiti +hell 1
what is this life by william stafford about 1
the dead by billy collins 1
india village life 1
mammatus clouds 1
the dead billy collins 1
tea tree oil and posion ivy 1
williams poor old woman 1
god by tupac 1
does iskon want devotees to progress or not 1
mammatus cloud formations 1
timber rattlesnakes of west virginia 1
views of shri shri 1
walnut layin in grass 1
naomi shihab nye father and fig treefigs 1
forgiveness letting go of the hope for a better past 1
my father and the fig tree 1
sweet vanilla butterfly flower 1
carl sandburg cool tombs poem 1
never ending circle poem 1
plane hitting the twin towers 1
timber rattlesnake sex 1
the burning truck 1
white pebble black pebble 1
indian village life 1
rediscovering values: on wall street, main street, and your street 1
chinese buddha drawing 1
billy collins questions about angels 1
planes twin towers 9 11 1
bamboo house 1
bear eating fish 1
tupac on god 1
snopes: eamil: stronke has a new indicator, the tongue 1
stirling engine photovoltaic 1
learning about life in an indian village kids 1
brain and universe 1