» AKASOL® brand PV backsheet with new colours and designs for integrated building design with solar modules

Vaihingen / Enz, Germany – Manufacturers of solar modules now have the choice: KREMPEL has extended its colour range of AKASOL®-PV backsheet.

In addition to the standard colours white and black, KREMPEL now offers its PV- AKASOL® backsheet in terracotta-red or transparent design. The company thus supports the market trend in architectural design of buildings with solar units.

The new terracotta-red allows manufacturers of solar units to create ideal visual matches for traditional roofs or the shingle roofs of historical buildings. This type of design is not only predominant in southern Germany but also in the southern countries of Europe.

The transparent variant of PV backsheet is highly suitable for modern new buildings with flat roofs as well as special designs for shade-providing constructional superstructures as well as for roof or façade-integrated solar modules. Typical applications include schools, sports stadiums, car ports and green houses.