“Becoming detached from material things does not mean becoming inert altogether, as men with a poor fund of knowledge think. Naiskarma means not undertaking activities that will produce good or bad effects. Negation does not mean negation of the positive. Negation of the nonessentials does not mean negation of the essential.

“Similarly, detachment from material forms does not mean nullifying the positive form. The bhakti cult is meant for realization of the positive form. When the positive form is realized, the negative forms are automatically eliminated.”

Srimad Bhagvatam 1.2.7

“Detachment from things does not mean setting up a contradiction between “things”
and “God” as if God were another “thing” and as if His creatures were His rivals.
We do not detach ourselves from things in order to attach ourselves to God, but
rather we become detached form ourselves in order to see and use all things in and
for God. This is an entirely new perspective which many sincerely moral and ascetic
minds fail utterly to see.”

Thomas Merton. New Seeds of Contemplation. (New York: New Directions Books), p 21