by Bhakta Ed

Greetings to all of Gosh’s Blog-fans. I haven’t done a guest post since the “Poop” post about a year ago.  I guess I need something as motivating as poop to get me to write. And here it is, January 2nd. Yes, that’s correct January 2nd, the Un-Holiday.

Let me explain, please. I wrote an email to Gosh on Dec. 25th and received a reply the 26th. However, not all reply’s are equal. As we learned in Animal Farm (click here to link to this fine piece of literature), some replies are more equal than others. I poured my little heart out to him thanking him for introducing me to Krishna, Srila Prabhupada and Krishna Consciousness way back in the early 70’s. I practically begged him to remain on this planet till I am initiated since I owe my spiritual life to him in a sense. I asked him how the liver was doing… an important factor in his being present at my initiation. I explained how I have diligently worked through some of the problems that ISKCON has had since Srila Prabhupada left the planet in 1977. It was a nice, personal and fine little bit of communication I sent him. Yes it was.

But what did I get in return? Really, what did he send back, after I bared my soul to him? Gosh, my contemporary yet spiritual senior replied thusly and I quote: “Merry Christmas to you too. :-}” I made no mention of that horrible and dreaded holiday. I was not being festive, Christmasy or cheerful. What brought on this attack of holiday poison? I have no idea. But I am forced now to reveal what January 2nd is and how it became the Un-Holiday”.

I confess, I hate what our culture calls the holidays. From Thanksgiving till New years I am nervous and on-guard. “Will you be with someone for the holidays? You won’t be alone will you? What are your big plans for Christmas? How was your Thanksgiving? What did you get for Christmas? How was the holiday season for you this year? Did your kids come home for the holidays?” And on and on and on… Not to mention dead birds at the dinner table, trees inside the house, candy and other junk food everywhere, silly awful holiday songs everywhere and blatant greed surging across the land.

So, I single handedly created the Un-Holiday… the day the (insert expletive here) holiday season is over. Yes, January 2nd: no theme songs, no cards, no gathering with relatives you never see otherwise, no dead turkeys or dead pigs, or worse yet dead cows, no trees in the house to shed and create a fire hazard, no traveling and nobody asking you if you are happy. Sheeeeesh!!! Leave me alone! Thanks… :-}

On January 2nd, humans all over the world now celebrate the end of the holiday season by… by… by… DOING NOTHING! That’s right. Nothing. At the most a very slight nod to someone is permitted. But no greetings, t-shirts, presents or songs. No official day or postage stamps. No guest appearances on Letterman. No. Not like that. It’s the Un-Holiday. We do nothing and bother nobody. Let’s leave it at that. And Gosh, the next time I send you an email around this time of year, please don’t assume it has anything to do with Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years. It doesn’t. Love ya brother…