Got this from Jiva Goswami:

“Now recovering from open heart surgery, look at this nice video with me! (Or “else?”) I won’t be bowling for a while! :) Thank you for your fine good welcome and needed best wishes! Merry Christmas!


“jiva on Big Wheeling Creek”

The video he is linking to I had never seen but had heard about (that he is in it is a joking mood).  This guy went around the world recording street musicians and then synced them all up.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone did it with chanting Hare Krishna?

Older devotees would remember that Jiva did the town runs for New Vrindaban for years and also spent a of of time as a pujari.

Here are the search results from the Brijabasi Spirit for “Jiva Goswami” most of which are articles he wrote about his time in NV.