I have been working on getting a solar photovoltaic (PV)  installation put in on the garden shed in the temple garden by the state road. It will be a 2.6 kilowatt size that will provide all the electric for the garden, house, tool shed, and repair activities that go on there.

I am also looking at several other locations around New Vrindaban.

While I think PV in and of itself is attractive looking, considering the past history of art in New Vrindaban and the normal inclusion of art in Vedic culture, I have found some applications of PV that are more than simply utilitarian.

Here is one example:

It is a ventialtion tower for an underground building. Here is another example of mixed stained glass and PV from the same artist, Sarah Hall.

Here  are several artists who integrate PV into their works. I hope somebody reading this “gets it” as I hope someday to have artistic PV installations in New Vrindaban.

I like this guy’s stuff.

Imagine the possibilities using Krishna centric themes for art and in architectural new construction and retrofits.

There are flexible plastic substrate PV cells so we aren’t limited to flat surfaces.

Even just for roof top applications, there are more substrate colors than just the normal blue. I have seen pictures of red PV panels, which could be integrated with the blue ones to create a pattern or picture.

Here is a company making ceramic substrate PV roof tiles in a  variety of colors.

Freedom from fossil fuels for energy AND aesthetics? Feel the hairs of your arms standing on end? Then start thinking about how we can utilize this in New Vrindaban or any ISKCON project (or nonISKCON project as far as that goes).