(M. Meberg = my son Madhu, born and raised in NewVrindaban)

by Jennifer Chapman

November 12, 2010

JOHNS CREEK – Johns Creek Police Officer M. Meberg was driving on Medlock Bridge Road, heading to police headquarters on Aug. 25 when a civilian flagged him down.

The resident pointed out what seemed like a lifeless dog lying in the roadway and asked Meberg for help.

“The dog wouldn’t move,” said Meberg. “When I touched him, he yelled…you could see his whole body was in pain…but finally, he jumped up on me.”

Meberg put the dog – which had a collar without identification – in the back of the patrol car and went to police headquarters to wait for animal control to pick him up.

“As an animal lover, I couldn’t let the dog sit there in the road,” said Meberg.

And after arriving at headquarters, city officials and Meberg decided they would help find the dog a home. Officials contacted Jones Bridge Animal Hospital in Johns Creek, where Dr. John Neiland treated the 50-pound, 2-year-old dog for non-contagious mange –while forgoing all medical costs.

Back at City Hall, communications manager Doug Nurse was working on finding the dog a home when he an idea: why not take the dog, now called “Ajax,” home to live with his own family.

“I went and met the dog, and he was such a sweet guy, it was hard to resist,” said Nurse, who also has a 6-year-old dog named Gaia. “I took him home, and he’s fit in really well. At first, there was the get-to-know-you period…but now he wakes me up in the morning by licking my face.”

Nurse said he also refers to Ajax as “The Great Sharpitador” – as he looks like he could be part Great Dane, pit bull, Labrador and part Shar Pei.

City staff were discussing Ajax’s story, and decided it was the kind of act that needed to be recognized – and appreciated. At the Oct. 25 city council meeting, Neiland and Meberg were honored with a privileged resolution from council.

“I appreciated (the resolution),” said Meberg. “I would hope that all of us have the compassion to do the right thing in a situation like this.”