July 31, 1976, New Mayapur (French farm)

Prabhupada:  Harer nama, harer nama [Adi 17.21]. Everyone is happy, the children, the woman. They don’t demand anything, that “Give us this, give us that.” They have simplified, automatically they have simplified their life. And gradually develop, make little cottages, grow little vegetable, little barley or wheat and milk. That is sufficient. We don’t require much.

We don’t want luxury. We want just to subsist. Yavad artha prayojana. We hate the idea of luxury, unnecessary. Do the outsider come to see? Yes?

Bhagavan: Yes.

Prabhupada: What do they say?

Bhagavan: They are impressed with how much we have done.

Prabhupada: They will be more and more impressed. What is this city life? In Paris, simply to fulfill the necessities of life, a professional prostitute, so many. And people from all over the world, they come here for indulge in prostitute. From our childhood we know. What a civilization they have made. Spoiling the life. Then, after finish this life, you just become a cat, a dog, or a tree and stand up. And all other planets are vacant. Simply this planet is filled up, overpopulation. Kill them. Why not send there? So vacant land.

(laughter) “That we cannot do.” Then what is your scientific research? “Yes, we are trying. Wait millions of years.” (laughter) These bluffing rascals. Don’t be misled. Live peacefully here, chant Hare Krsna.

Hari-sauri: If you like, we can set up for the film now.

Prabhupada: Now I have given the ideas, the philosophy, in the books. So it is your business to develop all over the world. You are very intelligent, Europeans and Americans. Give it a shape, for the world prosperity. Give it a practical…. It is practical. There is no difficulty. So much land. Very good fertile land in Africa, Australia, in America. All of them can be utilized for the happiness of the whole world.