The following is something that came through my Inbox several months ago that I meant to post but spaced it out. They are real and sounds like a worthy project to me.  You might want to contact them to get an update on where they are at now.


We are writing from our organic family farm presenting an opportunity for any person or organization concerned with the welfare of Earth and her inhabitants. Read on to learn about the present challenge we have accepted. Pray this topic will win your interest and impel you to involve your self accordingly.

Gir breed Cows date back at least 5000 years as one of the few original Zebu or Indus breeds. The Gir have been nearly cross-bred to extinction. In South America, limited numbers of Gir have been kept pure. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of this amazing breed.

Soon a few of these remarkable cows will be brought for sale to the U.S. We are in urgent and immediate need of financial contributions in order to realize the preservation of this amazing species of milking cow. This is a rare opportunity to protect these cows.

Our farm project, situated in the fertile foot hills of North Carolina, is devoted to protecting pure bred animals. All our animals become our named family members, protected for life, never to be slaughtered.

What’s so amazing about these animals? Veterinarians rate Gir among the best because they are hardy and can endure all kinds of weather and are known to ward off attacks by lions.

Research sources note: Gir cows have the longest intestines in the world, (aprox.180’) thus yielding high quality milk having the richest mineral content compared to crossbreeds and exotics.

Their milk has highly curative powers. Studies prove that their dairy products can be helpful in curing 111 diseases.

A local  non-profit organization is allotting us acreage valued at $57k to support our project for maintaining these cows.

Sexing Technologies of Texas is offering Gir at $10,000., per cow.

Five cows as well as pure bred Gir bulls are coming into availability for a short period of time.

We are prepared to open our facility to Gir as we have for our other animals.

We are asking for financial assistance in order to purchase these rare cows.

Please help us create and maintain a diverse genetic pool to perpetuate and preserve the purity of this versatile and robust breed of ancient milker.

Contributions, large or small, are gratefully appreciated.

Your gift will bring opportunities to these animals and to the public to experience the age old ways of cow protection.

Desire more information about the wonderful Gir? Feel free to communicate with us at any time.

Thank you so much for your attention and prompt participatory action. Please make checks payable to Sexing Technologies and mail to

Snow Creek Family Organics
3359 Moir farm rd
Sandy Ridge, NC 27046

If you wish, include contact information so we can keep you posted on the progress.
Citra and Mathura