We recently added a small addition on our house for overflow purposes. One is the overflow when Vidya is painting birdhouses in the winter and needs a place to put them, and the other is if all 5 kids, significant others and grandkids were to visit all at one time(we wish!) it can serve as a guest bedroom.

It is going to be an unheated space though it was built so it could be insulated later if some successor owner were to desire to do so. We got the windows at a local nonprofit that accepts donations from window companies and then distributes them to locals at their cost making them very cheap, cheaper even then the builder’s surplus type places, so we went nuts and got lots of windows for it, including the two shown which would have otherwise been prohibitively expensive.

When they were installed, they made me think of eyes and in devotee culture between the eyes is tilok, a marking representing God, so on a whim I had Vyasasana, the builder, put tilok on the wall.

You gotta have some fun!