I won a silver medal at the National Kidney Foundation 2010 transplant Games in Madison , WI. in the men’s 60-69 age group 800 meter.

It isn’t as great as it sounds at first. Note that no one is standing on the Bronze medal platform because there was only 2 of us in the event. The winner lapped me before I finished the first lap of two. Got the medal mainly for showing up and finishing the race. My goal was to run the distance without having to stop and walk from time to time  like I had to in 2008 and I did achieve that.

I have adopted as my motto something I heard from a woman who does marathons.

I use the calendar as my stop watch — finish the race the same day I start it.

I left the Games early once my events were finished so I was trying to find the Closing Ceremonies on the web and stumbled into some stories. There had been a booth set up at the Games where one could go in and tell their story.  Practically anyone you talked to at the Games had a story that could be a feature article in a local newspaper. Here is the story by the guy who won his 4th medal of the 2010 Games by beating me. He would have been competitive with anyone.

I am sorry I wasn’t more suitable competition for him.