We were a couple of days late starting peach harvest so some of them have soft spots.  I was freezing some yesterday and whenever there was one with a soft spot I was sorting them out for fresh eating or giveaway (anyone stopping by in the next few days will leave with organic peaches. (consider this an invitation)).

Some were mostly good with a small area of softness. These are fine for fresh eating but the recommendation is to not use them for freezing so as I came upon a soft spot slice, I would eat it.  This is not an austerity because although small these peaches are so sweet and flavorful it is almost like eating candy.

As I had already eaten my evening meal, I soon got to a point where I had eaten so many I was starting to feel a little sick. Remember when you were a little kid and got into the candy stash and no adult around? Remember overeating to the point of  of stomach uneasiness? Well, that is what happened.

After that I was putting them in a bowl for Tulasi to eat, a chore he had no resistance to performing.

Recipe for freezing peaches.

Peaches need to be covered in a sugar solution for freezing according to all the recipes I found. I didn’t want to make a sugar syrup but one alternative was to use white grape juice so I did that. It was recommended to add one tablespoon of citric acid or lemon juice per quart of solution to help keep them from browning.

I sliced the peaches right into the solution so they weren’t exposed to air, then ladled them into one quart freezer bags using a mason jar funnel to make it easier.  The idea is to make sure there is enough solution to cover all the slices and to leave an inch of head space for expansion. I don’t have a vacuum packer so I slid the tab on the top of the freezer bag until it is almost closed then I push out as much air as I can before closing it completely.

Then it was off to the freezer.

I know they won’t be as good once they are frozen but they will still be better next winter than the insipid and flavorless peaches that sell in the supermarkets.