A devotee from New Vrindaban who delivers newspapers to supplement supporting his family called me a couple of nights ago. One of his subscribers was in a dilemma and asking for help.

Her circumstances had changed and she was having to move out of the area. She was leaving the next day and still had not been able to make arrangements for her koi, a colorful fish. She had a small fish pond in her back yard where she had 12 of them that she was very fond of.  She was distressed because in her own words she was an animal lover who didn’t want to abandon them.

I called the number the devotee had given me and she further stated that she had been unable to catch them because they were too fast which complicated the situation.  As I had about done all I was going to get done for the day, on a whim I decided to go.  I took two fish nets that Vidya has that she uses to get small gourds out of our gourd cleaner.

Sure enough, after repeated tries, I too came to the conclusion that they were too fast reacting to catch simply with a net.  It occurred to me that by lowering the level of the water in the pond their options would become more limited so we spent ten minutes bailing out the water until about a third of the sloped rock covered bottom  became visible. After that it still took some effort but but we did manage to get them all.

The lady was very grateful and I had told her as I was a vegetarian I also was a bit of an animal lover and that I was going to put them in the lotus pond behind the Palace.  I didn’t want to put them into the big lake by the temple as there are bass and bluegills there and they do eat small fish. The pond behind the Palace only has gold fish in it.

It was dark by the time I got to the Palace but by the headlights of my van I was able to get down to the water’s edge  and release the fish into the pond.  So New Vrindaban has 12 new residents.