Today is the first time in a long time, probably 6 years, that I have been able to run 800 meters (1/2 mile) without stopping to walk for portions of it.

I say 6 years because 2004 was the last season I played soccer in an organized league and after that I went downhill fast to End Stage Liver Disease and then the liver transplant. Next was recovery, a stint on interferon, recovery from that, and the physical debilitation of large doses of Prograf, the immune suppressing drug I have to take. So I know I would have done the running playing soccer but after that no way.

In the 2008 Transplant Games I tried to run the 800 meter event but I walked for a good portion of it. Details of that can be read here. My goal had been to finish, so I did achieve that.

I am going to the 2010 Transplant Games in Madison , Wisconsin at the end of July/first of August and signed up for the 800 meter there also.  My goal has been to run the whole thing. Which now seems doable.

While I should be running everyday for conditioning, I haven’t been. I get out and think well I should do some gardening to loosen up but then I get sucked into it and people call and I go on the internet and do email and suddenly it is mid afternoon and I am exhausted.

I have been running occasionally and gotten most of but not all the way through the 800m. The thing that changed was where my course is. I had measured out a 100 meters from my mailbox towards Sudhanu’s.  Out and back 4 laps = 800 m.  The problem was the further I went, the steeper the hill.  I found I could run the first lap but going back out for the 2nd or even until the third, I would have to stop and walk the last part of the uphill before being able to run back downhill.

So what I did was change the course. It now starts at my driveway and only goes far enough so I have to make 5 laps.  It still starts to rise but not for as long nor for as high. The first attempt I was able to run, no , not really run, more like a fast shuffle almost approaching a jog, the whole way. Tah dah!

Today I ran it again without stopping.  Now the trick will be to run farther to get into better shape so I can make the 800m faster.  Even if I have to dog trot it most of the way,  I can judge how I am holding up on race day and maybe make the last 50? 100? meters an actual run.  We will have to wait and see how that goes.

It is not too late to help me support the 2010 transplant Games. Just click here and you will go to a site that accepts tax deductible donations on behalf of the National Kidney Foundation  Any help would be appreciated.