The following is floating around the devotee email circuit:

Hare Krishna. Thought you might find this interesting. I just heard a clip from the BBC news service confirming the Vedic injunction that everything about the cow is auspicious and beneficial. It was a piece on research being done in Australia on a particular bacteria found primarily in cow dung or “gobar” as they call it in India.

Turns out that this bacteria, when inhaled (as would happen naturally in a rural setting or village life) helps generate serotonin, a chemical which acts in the brain to regulate moods and creates a sense of well-being. Even more so, this bacteria is found to reduce the effects of asthma and a host of other diseases and bodily distresses.

The commentator said “The benefits are especially true for children who grow up playing in such natural surrounding, where they would inhale this bacteria. That children are increasingly cut off from this type of natural environment may well be one of the major causes of the growth of allergies and attention deficit disorder in children”.

So once again, research science is playing catch-up to the eternal wisdom of the Vedas. Krishna playing with the cows in His childhood lila is showing the best standard for health for all children.

(end quote)

Here is a link that confirms the basis for the above.

So it is nice that some devotees are starting to be aware that Krishna was a cowherd boy. Unfortunately, most devotees still buy industrial milk and don’t offset it by supporting cow protection programs.

They justify this on the basis of ajnata-sukrti, that the cow they drink the milk from benefits from unknowing devotional service.

Unfortunately, the “knowing” part of a cow’s life can be something else.

Mercy for animals.