The potatoes are ready to bloom which means they are starting to make tubers.  These will be harvested for new potatoes plus if the yield is good we will have some left for storage. New potatoes are a different vegetable then the ones you buy in the store and no, the small ones they sell aren’t necessarily new potatoes, they are just small, usually.

New potatoes you can rub the skin off with your finger applying only a small amount of pressure.

The flea beetles are back at eating the leaves of the potato plants so I will reapply neem as an organic pesticide today.  It has rained and been a few days since last application.  It seems to keep their numbers down.  Sprayer ready neem is available in the big box stores anymore even here in the Northern Temperate zone.

Later Vidya will pick a bunch of the peonies and we will drop them off at the temple for the Lord Nrshimadev festivities this evening.