My earlier planting of green beans a couple of weeks ago hasn’t come up yet so I replanted some more. I also planted carrots, which I had poor germination in the first planting, lima beans, sweet corn (which says it has an organic coating to stop seed rot in cold soils),  nasturtiums  (beautiful and edible flower),  calendula (blooms until well after frost), parsnips and more radishes.

I transplanted tomatoes and had enough hot caps made from milk jugs and some larger water containers to cover about 2/3s of them. Planted 39 of them. I also planted out 24, about half , of the Mexican Mint marigolds we started. It is supposed to be the most fragrant marigold, ergo best for insect deterrence, and is used as a substitute for tarragon in cooking.

I received in the mail 2 Maypop passion flowers, hardy to this zone, 6, from Oregon. They planned to ship them late.  They were in the box for over a week and need to acclimatize for a few days before planting.

Weeding has been ongoing and more could have been done. We are into a rainy spell now so I will probably do a bunch of mulching in the berry patch to stay busy and try to stay timely.

I will get some currants, blackberries, as well as some chokeberries and possibly a few blueberries from last year’s planting. Next year will be a lot more.

I spent a lot of time visiting with old friends and new at the Festival of Inspiration, as well as my own family — 4 of 5 kids showed up and 2 of 3 granddaughters. So all the energy I have had available has been used usefully.