The forecast is for rain all day, 100% chance, except for around noon when it drops to 85%. They are right so far.

The garden needs it, so I hope it gets to be an inch (2.5 cm) by the time it ends tomorrow morning. If it hadn’t rained, watering the veggies  and newly planted perennials, shrubs, berries and fruit and nut trees would have been a priority this coming week.  Even the trees and berries planted last year need supplemental watering this year, as this year’s planting will still need watering in their second year if a week goes by without sufficient rainfall.

So the rain is good and welcome, lifegiving. The down side is that today I was going to go to the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Walk in Wheeling and sell chocolate bars. And walk, of course. The chocolate bars are Sarris brand, locally owned and produced. They are a staple of fundraisers in the Upper Ohio Valley area.  We sold them many times for soccer teams or whatever, and most parents around here have done the same.

This time it is fund raising for Team Pittsburgh. That is the team I am a member of that is going to compete in the NKF 2010 Transplant Games in Madison, Wisconsin July 30, 2010 – August 4, 2010.

The rain is going to cut the crowd at the Kidney Walk today. The staunch will come but not as many lookie-lous will venture out so sales will be down from full potential.

Which means I will have leftovers so anyone wants to stop by to buy some premium chocolate and support Team Pittsburgh, feel invited. Plain paper bags provided for those not wanting to be seen with chocolate.

We are also selling asparagus, rhubarb, and radishes, FYI, all organic, on a first come first served limited basis.  Vidya has been selling asparagus at the temple Sunday feast but we are skipping that today to go to the Kidney Walk so we will have some available at home.

Other than the Walk, I will try catch up on some desk work and indoor repair jobs. Never a lack of things to do even on rainy days. Caught up in one sector means behind in another and I am behind on rainy day jobs as it stands.