Planting. Weeding. Harvesting greens, radish, asparagus and rhubarb. Trellising. Applying compost. Watering. Building cages around newly planted  fruit and nut trees. Cutting and stacking firewood and posts. Working on a gourd scrubber.

Changing my email. If you didn’t get a notice from me with my new email address, email me at my old one and I will respond with the new one. Great, now only 40-50 websites to change the email address I am registered with.

Took a day off where other than opening my cold frames in the morning because it was a  sunny day and closing them in the evening, I did nothing at home. didn’t even turn on my computer.  We went to an annual consignment auction at Captina Produce, an Amish run facility.

About half the attendees were Amish, which was a great relief from living in Consumerloka. They have clear eyes and a true humility rooted in direct connection with the earth and a strong work ethic.  A refreshing vibe and ambiance.

I bought some hand tools, including a draw knife for $1, and got 7 and a half rolls of 5′ (1.5m) by 100′ (30.5m) thick flexible plastic snow fence for $50.  We also got some real red oak tongue and groove prefinished flooring 190 sq ft (35 square m) for $70., a fraction of new cost.

I was losing bidder on two oxen yokes and a home scale stainless steel sap evaporator unit, and a lot of other stuff.

Oh yeah, and Vidya bought a 12′ by 20 ‘ (3.7m x 6m) Amish built cabin on skids that was delivered yesterday. Got a good enough price on it, not much more than the cost of materials as I guesstimate, that the auctioneer after he knocked down the sale said, “That was legalized theft without a gun.”

We are going to put a single basin sink in it with a garden hose hookup for cold water and eventually get a solar panel and a battery and put some 12 V lighting in it and use it as a guest house.  It is only about 40 steps from a bathroom in the house so they can use that one.

It will also inevitably serve as a storage place for gourds, as everywhere else does here.