We have had an unseasonably  warm spell for the last two weeks including record breaking high temperatures for a couple of days so we are getting  asparagus in the first week of April, something we more commonly expect in the 3rd or 4th week.

The early plantings in the cold frames are up, even the pea seedlings out in the open are popping through.

Of the 65 trees and berries and 8 vines I am expecting 25 have arrived and are planted and more coming this week, weather has really been cooperating.

I have the beds prepared for strawberries and most of the perennial flowers so they will be relatively simple to get in, some have already arrived and been planted.

Our son Tulasi is coming in in a few days to help out but in the meantime another Tulasi, Tranakarta’s son, has been helping with the heavy work.  That is why I am on top of the planting.