“In the material world there is keen competition between animals, men, communities and even nations in an attempt to gratify the senses, but the devotees of the Lord are above all this. Devotees have no need to compete with materialists because they are on the path back to Godhead, back home where everything is eternal, full and blissful. Such transcendentalists are a hundred percent nonenvious and are therefore pure in heart. Because everyone in the material world is envious, there is competition. The devotees of the Lord are not only free from all material envy, but they are also kind to everyone in an attempt to establish a competitionless society with God in the center.”

Teachings Of Lord Chaitanya 23: Why Study the Vedanta-sutra?

“Having given up all desire to compete with other men, they suddenly
wake up and find that the joy of God is everywhere, and they are able to exult in
the virtues and goodness of others more than ever they could have done in their
own. They are so dazzled by the reflection of God in the souls of the men they live
with that they no longer have any power to condemn anything that they see in another.”

Merton, Thomas, New Seeds of Contemplation. New York: New Directions, 1961, p. 60