Before I tell the story, do the following, and if you can’t  now,  as soon as possible. Take all the cards out of your wallet/purse/cell phone carrier/whatever and photocopy them, both sides.  Your driver’s license, credit card(s), bank card and any other cards you would need to get replaced if were to lose your wallet etc.

For me that includes an AARP card (good for discounts at motels), two medical cards, a AAA card and a card from UPMC Transplant Center with contact info including my post transplant coordinator’s name, and a list of all the medications I take for any EMT that would have to deal with an unconscious me in case of an accident.

In Vidya’s case, it includes sales tax exemption cards from Crafts 2000 and Michaels where she buys supplies for her craft business. You may have any number of discount cards or other forms of ID.

The point is what happens if you lose your wallet etc or it’s stolen? If you have a photocopy of what was in it,  the process of replacement is  simpler having all the numbers of the cards, plus phone numbers in one  location.

You may not even remember what is in your wallet etc until you need it at some point.

This is also an opportunity to evaluate if you really need to have all that stuff in there, a spring cleaning of sorts. Back to the story.

Our driveway has  walls of snow on each side from shoveling out the succession of snow storms.  On Gaura Paurnima Vidya was backing out and too close to one side and got stuck so she got a shovel and was digging it out which only took  a few minutes it wasn’t that bad.

She had a small purse around her neck and it was in the way shoveling so she took it off and made a mistake. Instead of walking around the car and putting it inside, she set it on the trunk.

After shoveling, she drove away, forgetting about the bag until she got to the swimming pool and then had an instant realization of what she had done. She immediately called me and all our close neighbors thinking it would have fallen off early in the trip and asked everyone to look at the road outside their homes.

I started walking out the ridge until she came back and picked me up. She had looked all the way coming back from town no luck. We drove out again to Rte 88 thinking it would have fallen off by then, real slow and both of us looking no luck.

We came back home and there was a message on voice mail from someone who had found it. We immediately went to fetch it, Vidya taking one of her hand painted gourd birdhouses as a reward for the finder.

Turns out it was someone who had had Marken as a student in Sherrard Middle School and remembered him.  It was such a blessing that a nice person had found the bag and returned it. In a lot of parts of the country, that may not have happened.  So there are still some good people out there.

“If a hundred-dollar bill is lying on the street, someone may pick it up and put it in his pocket. Such a man is not honest.

“Another man may see the money and decide to let it remain there, thinking that he should not touch another’s property. Although this second man does not steal the money for his own purposes, he is unaware of its proper use.

“The third man who sees the hundred-dollar bill may pick it up, find the man who lost it and deliver it to him. This man does not steal the money to spend for himself, nor does he neglect it and let it lie in the street. By taking it and delivering it to the man who has lost it, this man is both honest and wise.”

Nectar of Instruction: verse 2