Back in the late 80s or early 90s, after Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Candra had moved from Bahulaban to Their current temple, most offices and productive life of New Vrindaban was still ongoing at Bahulaban.

There was a greenhouse built off what is now known as the Pink Building where we wintered over plants, including some beautiful 4-5′ (1.2-1.5m) tall tulasis in large pots. We  had a lot of other tender stuff, including producing gardenias. We also started lots of flowers and veggie plants for the temple and Palace gardens.

One April there was a huge and quick snowstorm where like 8-12″ (20-30 cm)   of snow fell in about two hours. I was working in an office in the building and noted snow had started to fall.  I wasn’t that concerned about it because it was after all April and snow was not that common, typically small amounts, and the greenhouse usually melted off any snow that fell on it.  I never even thought to be concerned but when I stepped out two hours later the greenhouse had collapsed.

I immediately went around to the offices and  drafted some help.  Some were a little resistant, being under the bodily concept that they were office workers and adverse to doing physical labor but soon all came to help. Some threats of immediate reaction may have been employed with the more resistant of them.

Once they had visual evidence of the peril tulasi was in they did jump in with requisite enthusiasm. There was a lot of plants and it took a while but we did save them all.

So even though my greenhouse has a solid roof and would probably have been fine,  I was concerned. I spent the 20-30 minutes it took to shovel the snow off  it.

One reason I was concerned is that temperatures had started going up above freezing during the day  so melt was occurring on the upper roof. This was draining off onto the lower roof because the gutters were filled with ice. The snow on the lower roof was catching that runoff and holding it, hence the weight was building up.

I figured being safe was better than being sorry so cleaned it off. Since then there have been multiple reports of porch roofs in the local area collapsing.  For those with local knowledge of NV, the former lumber warehouse roof, current garden storage building used by Tapahpunjah by the Garden of Seven Gates,  has collapsed.

(photo by Jaya Murari)

The other danger is icicles. They can build up weight and pull the gutters right off your building so I also knocked a lot of those off.

They can also be dangerous if they fall off by themselves. A guy was just killed up at a industrial plant near Follansbee when ice broke loose and hit him as he was walking under a coal conveyor.

All that aside, it is very beautiful every where one looks, a pristine beauty of form and purity.