More snow we have gotten 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) since the initial blow then more snow everyday, at least a little more snow everyday. More snow.  The ten day forecast has flurries or more snow everyday, and not a day where the temperature will get above freezing  for the next week. Our average high temperature now should be a few degrees above freezing but we aren’t getting that just more snow.  Did I mention more snow?

The following picture was taken before the latest snow  so imagine it higher.

I tried get a better picture while outside with more birds on the feeder bench but I only waited about 15 minutes and they remained wary.  I lacked the patience to wait longer.  Usually there are a lot more, even the following picture isn’t as many as it can be at times.

The crowd at the bird feeder gets much bigger when there is snow cover, I think they start commuting in from greater differences.

I have a couple of problems I have to keep on top of with this.  The first is if I look out and see no birds there is invariably a cat laying in wait nearby. Sometimes it is our own cat James who likes being outside and hunting, but it seems harder for him to be catching field mice so out of boredom he tries the feeder. I chase him every time I see him but his instinct as a hunter overpowers the negative conditioning I attempt to give him.  Other times it is feral cats.

The second problem is deer. With the deep snow cover they can’t easily dig down to the grass underneath so they form raiding parties and hit the sunflowers at the feeder.  I catch them a lot of times and Judy our neighbor has been informed that if you hear angry yelling it is just me chasing the deer away, don’t call the cops. The only real defense I have is to put small amounts out many times during the day so if they sneak in undetected the loss is minimal.

I have got all my seed and plant orders sent off and now am compiling a list of their needs, couple of main criterion is if they are trees they can be planted outside the deer fence with a cage built around them and if they need/tolerate shade. I need to know the spacings.  Some catalogs are very informative and others less so so I have been googling various plants which has the danger of finding more plants I would like to have but I have done a parameter shift so anything I find now is going into a file titled Garden 2011. I have to lay a plan for where each will be planted.

There are a zillion different plants out there but I have limited my purchases to those with something edible or with fragrance.

“(8) Useless flowers without any fragrance should not be offered.”

Nectar of Devotion 8: Offenses to Be Avoided

“So Krsna says, punyo gandhah prthivyam ca. When you smell something very fragrant… Just like in the flower. There are different varieties of flower, and they are exacting different varieties of aroma from the earth. So the good smell of the flower… In some other place it is said in the Bhagavatam that the…, when you see flower, you see Krsna smiling. That is the seeing of Krsna smiling. Therefore the flower should be utilized for Krsna’s service. Because these flowers, everything, is Krsna’s energy. Parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate [Cc. Madhya 13.65, purport]. So specifically good fragrance of flower, Krsna says that ‘I am that.’ ”

Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.26.44 — Bombay, January 19, 1975