“Muhahaha and enter. This place in Warsaw, Poland, was once a fluorescent light factory. The plant was called many things but is known as “Polam” aka “Rosa Luxemburg.”  Rosa was born in Poland in 1871, and was a philosopher, activist, and ideologist of the Polish and German worker’s movement. She was shot with a pistol to her temple. Her corpse was thrown into the Berlin Canal Division and not found until 1919. As turbulent as her life was, so too is the history of this abandoned factory…

“The sign on the right reads, “This building is out of order! You are not allowed to enter because you may DIE!” Welcome to the abandoned Polam Philips factory in Poland. “Polam” manufactured fluorescent lights, mercury lamps and electron tubes. The factory was partially modernized before renovation stopped due to a very high mercury contamination…”

52 Photos of a Poisonous, Abandoned Factory: Enter & Die

Grains and vegetables can sumptuously feed a man and animals, and a fatty cow delivers enough milk to supply a man sumptuously with vigor and vitality. If there is enough milk, enough grains, enough fruit, enough cotton, enough silk and enough jewels, then why do the people need cinemas, houses of prostitution, slaughterhouses, etc.? What is the need of an artificial luxurious life of cinema, cars, radio, flesh and hotels? Has this civilization produced anything but quarreling individually and nationally? Has this civilization enhanced the cause of equality and fraternity by sending thousands of men into a hellish factory and the war fields at the whims of a particular man?”

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.10.4