By Staff Writer for Press Trust of India on 23 Jan 2010

Al-Qaeda militant Ghulam Rasool Khan alias Khan Mirza, who was formally arrested in Purnia in Bihar while trying to cross over to Bangladesh early this week, has put forward an unusual demand.

“Provide me two kg of mutton and one kg of chicken daily or else I will sit on hunger strike inside Purnia jail”, the militant informed the jail authorities.

Jail authorities said Mirza refused to take vegetarian food served to him for two days after he was lodged in the jail, saying he was a habitual meat eater.

Confirming this, IG (Prisons), D Kumar said “We will, like other prisoners, serve meal to the prisoner in keeping with the jail manual…But, at the same time, we will abide by any court directive in this regard”.

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“At the present moment, so-called civilized men do not sacrifice animals to a deity in a religious or ritualistic way. They openly kill animals daily by the thousands for no purpose other than the satisfaction of the tongue. Because of this the entire world is suffering in so many ways. Politicians are unnecessarily declaring war, and according to the stringent laws of material nature, massacres are taking place between nations.”

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