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Marshall County Flasher Has Facebook Page; Another Sighting Reported

Posted: 11:48 am EST January 28, 2010Updated: 9:18 am EST January 29, 2010

Another person has spotted a man who is believed to have been flashing people in Marshall County since at least December.The latest incident happened Wednesday around 5 p.m. in the 100 block of Pine Avenue in Moundsville.

A woman who was jogging reported she saw a man wearing no pants with his shirt over his head.The incident is similar to others, and police said if it is the same man, it’s possible he’s branching out, which might make him harder to catch. Previous sightings have mostly been confined to the area of Cedar and Grant between Second and Third streets.

Police said there is also a Facebook page dedicated to the flasher, which has more than 700 fans.A Moundsville police sergeant said investigators spoke with the creator of the page, who said it was a prank and denied she knows who the flasher is. However, police said it is possible the flasher is among the page’s fans.Police said they are looking through photos and Facebook fans who match the description of the flasher.

Police have also interviewed victims to try to identify possible suspects, but they said they don’t have any solid leads yet.The man is described as a white male in his 20s, thin, with short blond hair.

Officials encouraged residents to always carry a cell phone and, if they see the flasher, to report the sighting immediately.Anyone with information is asked to call police or the NEWS9 Lauttamus Security Crimebusters Tipline at (800) 862-BUST.

FYI, the news story above is already outdated, it is 1238 as of this writing if you want to check it out.