After Day 16 I started adding back more types of foods first fruits and veggies and then slowly a little grain. Day 20 I went to the temple for the first time since starting fasting and it was Yoga Day USA and a feast. I had avoided going before because the food is usually pretty good and too rich for how I was eating.

Once back to a regular diet the first thing that is obvious is mental processes get a little duller and the process of digestion’s impact on the system is more noticeable. It drags you down, but I was able to have enough energy so Vidya and I got a bunch of wood into the house which was good because the weather was nice then and has turned very wintery with snow since then.  The lowest average temperatures of the year are historically Jan.18-20 so we have turned the corner on winter and the tide is turning to warmer weather but it doesn’t feel that way today — the first in a string of 3 or 4 days where the temperature won’t go above freezing.

Added to my post fast diet was fresh turnip greens and Chinese cabbage that I picked fresh from the garden. Last December I was picking Chinese cabbage and had it under some floating row cover. I had harvested all the ones that had headed out but the ones left still have lots of edible leaves on them. When the first really cold weather arrived there was snow the first day and it stayed until it thawed, so the Chinese cabbage was green and fresh right out of the garden in the middle of winter.

There was some bad spots on the outer leaves where they touched the ground but otherwise good condition. The turnip greens were a little worse for wear but the center leaves in the rosette were still good and so about a 1/3 of those greens were good and having for lunch today. Plus all the turnips themselves I picked about a gallon of.

Nandulal came by one day and helped bring some more firewood in.  He is home from Iraq and spending the winter helping his mother. The main reason I needed help was to unload the van. It still had the blackboards in it from when I was at the auction. I was strong enough to help but not able to lift those sheets alone.

We offered to pay him but he declined and said it is the duty of the youth to help the older members of the community. That isn’t something you hear every day.

About a week after stopping the fast I had blood work labs done again, my normal monthly. Everything was back to my normal, which includes the BUN is back to being high and the liver enzymes are climbing. The hemocrit, hemoglobin and platelets all slipped back a bit too, still in the good range but down a little from when fasting.

My blood pressure was mostly good during the fast even though I wasn’t taking the blood pressure medicine but that has climbed back up once I started eating again so I have added that med back into my protocol.

My glucose was way too high when I started the fast, the medicine wasn’t really controlling it. It drifted down over the 14 days to almost normal and I wasn’t taking any medications for it but now it is climbing back up again so I have added one of the medicines back in and will observe to see if the other will still be needed.

If only I could live and work without eating, I would be in great shape, but, alas, I need to eat to work and the garden season is just around the corner. I have ordered some seeds and trees and have several more orders I am working on and hope to have sent out by the end of the week, so stayed tuned for garden plans.