“When a devotee with all his heart and soul serves Krsna, dresses him in nice garments and gives him a flower, Krsna smiles. If you can get Krishna to smile upon you just once, your life’s goal is fulfilled.” – Srila Prabhupad, Lecture SB 3.25.12, 12th November, 1974

Vishaka mataji’s girirajji

As my eyes took in the slow dawn of day
my fingers felt the soft wood
bead by bead – transcendental wood of tulsidevi
My mind the wonderful traveller
a thousand places did it visit

A thread of desire was visited and explored
Memories entangled with that thread
of gopi dots, peacock feathers, ghee lamps
of chandan, mukut pieces, chadars
caused that familiar longing
longing to serve your beautiful deity form…

How can I ever anticipate that sweet mercy of yours?
“Anuradha? Can you come paint and dress up my girirajji?”
Amazement and wonder continues to be my friend
as your mercy continues to flow…