This picture is of when Prabhupada was arriving at the Pittsburgh airport in 1974 on his way to New Vrindaban.

The question is which three devotees in this picture later became ISKCON gurus. Click on the thumbnail to try your luck.

One of them practically everyone in ISKCON will recognize and this will be a treat for his disciples. Another one you would probably have to have spent some time in New Vrindaban. Hint: his face is partially covered. The third I will be surprised if anyone gets.

I will put the answers into a comment on this post.

FYI, I was on the security detail and walked ahead of him coming down the corridor checking hallways and doorways. I am out of frame because I opened the car door for him.

It was the first time I ever saw Srila Prabhupada. I had two immediate impressions. One, he was shorter than I expected and  he seemed to glow.

Looking back down the corridor the visual was like seeing a flower. Prabhupada was like the stamen and Kirtananada was like the pistil and all the devotees were like petals.

Letting go for a moment the cultural baggage of the present conception, at that time Kirtanananda was in good graces and Prabhupada was pleased him. He was our link to Prabhupada receiving the future from Prabhupada just as a pistil receives  pollen from the stamen.